Industry Testimonials

"Estes Tarver and his company are some of the most professional coaches and audition taping resources I’ve had the good fortune to have clients utilize. Tapes coming from Estes are perfectly lit, framed, and edited and compete with the best self-tapes I see from a variety of markets. Making them even more competitive is the coaching Estes provides. Clients of mine who have worked with Estes have been flown to LA to screen test for everything from studio features to independent film to network tv to the latest streaming shows and several have gone on to book significant, career building opportunities."
Michael Hepburn, Industry Entertainment (LA)
"Estes is a true gem and it thrills me that the artists I work with regionally have Estes in their corner. He provides a tremendous support to the actor and their families, while navigating projects. He also has great insight on the appropriate direction needed for flawless execution. His tapes and coaching are spot on and better than most I have seen coming out of Los Angeles."
Liz York, Principal Entertainment (LA)
"I had the pleasure of watching the entire series last night and it is amazing and incredibly helpful for those who are brand new to the business as well as those who are seasoned actors!! I enjoyed all the tips and tricks of taping AND the subtle things actors can do to improve their chance of booking jobs and Estes also shares some GREAT acting "how to" tips!

[Estes's Studio] Moonlight Stage Company has a HUGE success rate in folks booking jobs off tapes... It takes a lot to make your tapes look professional and honestly this guide will help you present the best tape possible."
Julie Ter Avest, KUTalent Agency

Customer Testimonials

"I have been self-taping my film auditions for 6 years... There was so much I wasn’t doing even though I assumed there was nothing else I could do... I suggest beginning and advanced actors take this course. You will learn a LOT of valuable information and be super entertained in the process!" 
Jacqueline Dorry, Actress